This week I received a lovely book, named ‘A Street Cat Named Bob’ written by James Bowen. I’m sure it has already been read by many; because after some exploration on the internet, I found out that James has a massive following and has been featured on TV.

As a therapist it was such a joy to hear about how he had changed his life when he met Bob, the journey they took together; and his ability to rid himself of his heroin addiction and turn his life around. He spoke of how Bob had been of more help to him; than rehab and therapy.

I have always been a believer in whatever it takes to make it work for you is the pathway or the journey you should embark upon as an individual. This is why the motto of my business is one-size does not fit all.

James’s story made me smile, I personally feel strongly about the fact that animals are great healers and often when we don’t get the messages required or the learning we need, it finds us in a somewhat alternative and different way, we face our demons, accept are losses and change our destructive behaviour.At some point acceptance of change can heal and remove the pain, lead us to a place of development and learning and pave a better way forward. Which leads me into this week’s topic.


What do we know about change! Firstly initially we generally don’t like itif it is the sort of change which takes us away from what we are used to or what we feel comfortable with, but what we do know for definite is that in life at some point there is change and it is how we react and respond to the changes we meet that is the determiner of how at that time our life takes shape.

A good analogy for change is to think about a house plant. When the leaves turn brown and the plant looks unattractive we can remove them tidy it up (dead heading as gardeners would say) basically remove the old bits to spruce up the plant and make it regrow afresh. Difficult changes remind me of this, sometimes things become unattractive, hard to face or difficult to look at and although we want to change, change seems such a hard thing to do because it takes a lot of work. Of course there are those inevitable changes we all have to face such as death and it is at those times that we can feel that there can be no change that will ever make a difference to how we feel, but even in the darkest of hours another change can lead us to light and it may be just around the corner, just as it was for James.

Changing our self, changes to our life, changes which we have no control over can all help us to see more clearly that life without the bad bits would not lead us to deeper understanding, understanding what gifts we had received, understanding health, friendship, love, loss and mostly the learning journey we are upon.

Today’s Quote:

Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.
George Bernard Shaw

My book recommendation this week is: ‘Street Cat Named Bob’ by James Bowen’

I wish life to bring you courage to face the changes which may befall you, have a good week
Sheila-Ellen Proprietor (Pathways2enlightenment)


Written by Sheila Ellen