Counselling and Psychotherapy in Southampton

Counselling Techniques

What is EFT all about?

In EFT we use the ends of the meridians to help rebalance the body’s energy system. When we carry around negative emotions they start to show up as physical symptoms in our bodies, ultimately causing us to become unwell. Distressing events cause a disruption to the body’s energy system leading us to feel negative emotions. If we use EFT we can direct kinetic energy (energy which has motion) through the blockages in our energy system removing negative emotion.

What is Matrix Re-Imprinting all about?

The principle that we can change how we feel about life and the experiences we have had, by changing the way we picture these experiences. If we emit positive energy we receive positive feelings and experience, if we emit negative energy then we attract negative feelings and experience. Matrix Re-imprinting is a technique which helps improve health and wellbeing and can be used in many different issues


It is highly useful for individuals who, after exposure to traumatic events, have developed PTSD or lesser forms of the condition. It is also very helpful in the treatment of phobia’s.