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Matrix Re-Imprinting Using EFT

What can you expect from Matrix Re-Imprinting?

A few key points in understanding Matrix Re-Imprinting

  • Karl Dawson; a master EFT practitioner is the creator of Matrix Re-imprinting.
  • Matrix Re-imprinting uses EFT but develops this further.
  • This therapy is based upon the understanding that we are all connected by a unified energy field ‘The Matrix’.
  • We are all made up of energy.
  • Thoughts, Beliefs and our sub-conscious mind affect our health and these beliefs can be locked in our past which in turn affects us in our here and now.
  • We can’t change our past but we can change our reaction to it.

What is Matrix Re-Imprinting all about?

The principle that we can change how we feel about life and the experiences we have had, by changing the way we picture these experiences. If we emit positive energy we receive positive feelings and experience, if we emit negative energy then we attract negative feelings and experience. Matrix Re-imprinting is a technique which helps improve health and wellbeing and can be used in many different issues such as:

  • Negative Beliefs
  • Addictions
  • Phobias and Traumas
  • Allergies
  • Relationship Issues

Our Biographies become our Biologies!
Karl Dawson

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